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Why Estonia

Top Reasons to Set Up Your Startup in Estonia

Efficient Company Formation

Estonia offers a hassle-free and quick company registration process, often taking just a few hours, enabling you to start your business promptly without bureaucratic delays.

0% Profit Tax

Entrepreneurial-friendly tax laws in Estonia offer a distinct advantage to startups worldwide. Profits don't require taxation unless paid out as dividends, allowing businesses to keep and reinvest their earnings. This policy encourages innovation and growth in small and medium-scale enterprises while promoting business sustainability.

Favorable Tax System

Estonia employs a simple and competitive tax regime, including a flat corporate income tax rate of 20% on distributed profit, no double taxation on distributed profits, and no capital gains tax, fostering a favorable business environment.

Access to EU Market

Situated in the heart of Europe, Estonia provides easy access to the lucrative European Union market of over 500 million consumers, facilitating trade and growth opportunities.

Skilled Workforce

Estonia boasts a highly educated and skilled workforce, with a focus on technology, innovation, and languages, making it conducive for companies requiring specialized talents.

Startup-Friendly Environment

Tallinn, the capital city, has gained recognition as a startup hotspot, with a supportive ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists fostering innovation and growth.

English Proficiency

English is widely spoken in Estonia, making it an attractive location for international business operations and communication.

Innovative Tech Culture

Estonia has a rich history of technological innovation, being the birthplace of Skype and having a strong emphasis on digital solutions, offering an environment conducive to tech-driven businesses.

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