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It is a secure transnational digital identity that can be obtained by those who request it. The program allows non-Estonians to enjoy the same business benefits as residents of this country. E-residents will be able to manage all aspects of their business completely online, from banking services to signing documents and paying taxes in Estonia.

100,000 people from 170 countries are already with us

In 2014, Estonia became the first country in the world to give everyone the opportunity to become its virtual resident. To do business, the owner of an Estonian company today does not need to cross borders, a virtual resident card allows complete remote financial and business management, electronic document management and access to the banking system.

Smart ID authentication

Smart-ID is a smart way to identify yourself

As an e-resident of Estonia, you can also use the Smart ID authentication method. Enter the bank, verify your identity and sign documents using your mobile phone.

Steps to get a card

1. Apply online

2. Wait for approval and card delivery

3. Pick up your card

4. Set up your card

Creating Success

What makes E-residency important?

Be location independent

Create a company 100% online from anywhere in the world. Travel and manage your business remotely Possibility to move abroad without having to re-establish your company. Own your company without having to appoint a local director


European affiliation and a secure digital identity supported by the government is a direct path to reaching a new level of confidence with counterparties.

Business development remotely

Sign, authenticate, encrypt and send documents digitally. Declare business taxes online. Gain access to the EU single market and cross-border capital.

The proof is in the numbers

The proof is in the numbers

100 000

e-⁠residents from 170+ countries all around the world

12 billion euros

Combined revenue of e-⁠resident companies


Companies started by e-⁠residents in diverse sectors


FAQs about E-residence

Looking to learn more about e-residence? Browse our FAQs:

Estonian e-Residency is available to individuals from all around the world, regardless of their nationality or location. There are no specific restrictions on who can apply.

100-130 euro. Depending on delivery location

The application process typically takes about 4-6 weeks from the date of submission. This includes background checks and processing time.

No, you do not need to visit Estonia in person to obtain e-Residency. The entire application process can be completed online, including the collection of your e-Resident card from your chosen Estonian embassy or consulate.